Allen Chen

Allen provides vision and execution for Jofforts as the CEO. He has 10 years of experience in nuclear power plant start up and 15 years in the computer-related businesses at the enterprise level. He holds a marine engineering degree from National Taiwan Ocean University. He has worked in the business fields of various consumer electronics products, such as fax machines (1985), computers (1992), thermal printers (1997), and personal electric vehicles (2006). His philosophy as a solar contractor states the goal in a successful solar installation is to minimize power consumption and maximize efficiency by improving the quality of whole building envelope. His licenses and certifications include C-46, CHEERS, HERS, BPI , LEED Green Associate, and GreenPoint Rater. He is dedicated to preventing global warming, reducing power consumption, promoting energy efficient green building, and growing the renewable energy field. Please refer to for more information.

Professional Experience and Licenses:

  • Senior environmental testing lab engineer, consultant
  • GreenPoint Rater
  • City of Palo Alto Green Building Special Inspector
  • Home Energy Rating System Inspector
  • Building Performance Institute Examiner
  • C-46 Solar License Examination Proposition Officer
  • Energy Upgrades California Chinese Community Keynote Speaker
  • Electronic Automotive Association Consultant
  • Northern California Zero Net Energy Working Group Board
  • Passive House California supporter and professional member
  • Santa Clara County Commissioner

Lei Yuan

Lei Yuan is the principal of Globe Architecture and a member of AIA. As a California State licensed architect, her practices focus on residential architectural design in southern Bay Area cities, including Palo Alto, Los Altos, Cupertino, and San Jose. Her projects focus on single family residences, but also include multi-unit townhouses and residential subdivisions. Lei has been appointed as commissioner serving Environmental Commission for the city of Los Altos and is in her 4th year at the position. She led the green building subcommittee in working with Bay Area Energy Network, Santa Clara county, and other government agencies to advise the city of Los Altos on building ordinances to require higher standard than the CALGreen  Code.

She has organized many city-wide events, including setting up a Green Business Certification forum in Los Altos in collaboration with the  Los Altos Chamber of Commerce, Greentown Los Altos, and Santa Clara County Green Business chapter. With a Master of Architecture from Cornell University and an education background from Luxun Academy of Fine Art, Lei believes strongly in the classical Chinese philosophy that the humankind and the universe must exist in harmony, as one’s well-being is contingent upon the other’s . Her graduate thesis, A Paradoxical Reality of Civilization and Cult for Nature, discusses how built structures relate to nature, and tests a Chinese garden design on Cornell University campus. Her work has been cited in  PA (Progressive Architecture) Awards and her art has been collected in the National Museum of Fine Arts in Beijing.

Lei is preparing to obtain LEED GA certification with emphasis on residential design. Her business, Globe Architecture, designs and collaborates with engineers and contractors to build sustainable single family houses striving towards net-zero energy building standards.

Weida Yin

Weida (Callis) Yin is a project estimator and project engineer at a general contractor company that been building in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 100 years. Callis has found his passion in Green Building and Energy Saving since he graduated from University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Civil Engineering. After being certified in LEED GA, LEED AP and Engineer-In-Training (EIT), he has focused his efforts in air leak prevention and HVAC. In addition to his degree and certificates, he actively attends events and engages in organizations associated with Energy Saving and Sustainable Buildings. His goal is to keep himself updated with cutting edge knowledge and technology in Green Building Construction and become a leader in sustainable design and construction. Please refer to the following link for more on his background:

Xin Lu

Xin Lu completed his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and master’s degree in Engineering Management and Leadership. Currently he is serving as Structural Engineer for RCUSA Corporation and Engineering Consultant at Queensland Builder Inc. He is experienced in working with wood and reinforced concrete structures for both commercial and residential structures, and also specializes in seismic design. Prior to joining RCUSA Corporation, Mr. Lu served as Project Manager for WelKin International Industrial Inc, where he ran day-to-day operations on the construction site, supervised the schedule, and coordinated all subcontractors.

He is now certified with LEED Green Associate and Engineer-In-Training (EIT). His focus is in HVAC and heat pump, radiant heat/cooling, and HRV/ERV system. He actively participates in green building and associated activities. He is preparing to become a certified LEED AP.

Bihan Zhang

Bihan Zhang is the project engineer of Queensland Builder Inc. He monitors and ensures the on time and under budget completion of projects. His main experiences include leading team members, writing project plans and reports, managing schedules, reviewing bid proposals, awarding contracts, preparing budgets, and controlling expenses. He has an MA in civil engineering from Northwestern University.

In addition to project management, Bihan has expertise in Green Building Technology. He stays current in the field by attending  U.S. Green Building Council conferences, seminars, and classes. He is preparing for his first GA certification exam and en route to becoming a Green Building Consultant. Bihan’s major focus in green building technology is optimal advanced framing. His goal is to lower energy consumption and promote  environmental health by designing the most sustainable and economical structure. He believes a successful team is responsible for the building’s environmental effects on the surrounding area.

Wendy Chen

Yun (Wendy) Chen is a designer at T Square Consulting Group. Since joining the firm in 2013, she has worked on several commercial building design projects, from schematic design, construction documents, to construction administration. With her architectural degree from University of California, Berkeley and a minor in Sustainable Design, she continues to pursue knowledge in Green Building design components. Wendy is currently preparing for LEED GA Certification, and her area of emphasis is on lighting and control. She believes that thoughtful designs and building sustainably could truly improve the environment.